scanning from WIA device using TWAIN aware application not happening in Windows 7/8 when scanned from document feeder


  • My application is both TWAIN and WIA aware application.

    We are testing scanning of WIA device from TWAIN interface.

    TWAIN driver of a network scanner is installed in the PC.

    WIA device is added from "scanners and camera" option in control panel and uses the installed TWAIN driver.

    WIA device is selcted as source and scanned from my application using TWAIN interface.

    Scanned from PLATEN: Document is reached to the application.

    Scanned from Document Feeder: Document did not reach the application.

    The above issue is not happening in Widnwos XP. It is happening in Windows 7 and Widnows 8.

    Kindly let us know if there is a difference in WIA of Win XP and Win 7/8.

    2012年11月30日 14:07