Error Code: 00000005


  • I have a VC2005 SP1 MFC application that I am working on deploying to Vista.  I am using vcredist_x86.exe to deploy the various WinSxs files required.  When I try to run the application I get a MessageBox that pops up and says "Error Code: 00000005".  Dependency walker is happy, I am able to run the application with the Run As Administrator elevation, and I get minor warnings when I use the app verifier.  So the question is:   What does this error code mean?

    I realize that I can request the higher UAC level in my manifest, but don't think I should have to.  The application runs fine in XP sp2 with a standard account, and I feel it should work for Vista the same way.

    Please Advise,

    Tyler Edwards
    Monday, March 05, 2007 11:25 PM

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