Advice on 2 channel audio recording with EMU 0404 USB


  • I'm building up a Vista PC for stereo sound field recording.  An Emu 0404 USB will be used as the recording device.  I'd like some advice on both available software and possibly writing my own software with the Media Foundation SDK.  I've been a professional software developer since 1979 will look at the available API's for the fun of it.  The recording is a serious hobby I've just started.  So far I've used Audacity on an XP pro box and liked the results.  I'm about to custom build a PC running Vista ultimate that will become my recording box.

    What I'm looking for is software to control recording to the hard drive.  No processing at record time, just maximum throughput from the 0404 USB to the hard drive.  Requirements are

    Select the 2 microphone input channels on the 0404
    Select the sampling rate. (24 bit, from 44.1 to 192k)
    Monitor the input levels. (The 0404 has hardware level controls)
    Write the raw samples to a file for later listening and processing.
    Display elapsed time, file size and space available.

    I expect Audacity will do a fine job.  I'm tempted to write my own Visual C++ project with the Media Foundation SDK because I enjoy writing code and would like a simple minimal program for recording.

    Saturday, June 21, 2008 5:52 PM


  • I'm poking around in MSDN online and I see info on WASAPI.
    It appears I want to learn how to use the IAudioCaptureClient Interface with the EMU 0404 USB.
    I have Visual Studio 2008 professional and can't wait to get the Vista hardware running and try this out.

    Saturday, June 21, 2008 8:46 PM

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