Direct3D 11 help or spec?




    I am working with Direct3D 11 and haven't found significant specification material other than the Windows Dev Center on Direct3D 11: 

    and David Blythe's notes from SIGGRAPH 2006 paper on Direct3D 10 from 2006 (most helpful!). It is a little frustrating not having a similarly detailed specification for everything about the current functionality (like OpenGL). Does anyone know of any additional references?

    My question is with regard to Stream Output stage. Is it possible to extract all the transformed vertices from the GPU back to the main program without modifying the [PVGHC]shader[s]? I see that the documentation (Direct3D10) says that there is 64 components maximum per buffer, but also maximum of 4 simultaneous buffers. Is this an upper limit on the Geometry shader output? I have too many questions, without the right reference material. I would really like to investigate this behaviour and I would appreciate a little help or pointed in the right direction.

    Thank you


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