WDK8 VS2012 Problems


  • Hi All

    Please could you offer me some help

    I am new to KMDF development and am hving some problems

    I have VS2012 install and wdk8 installed and working

    My Host PC is Win7 x64 and my Target pc is Windows 8 x86 running in VMware Player

    I can copnnect to the target and install the tools via the automated system in VS and for the first time i run the Kernel Debugger it all works my problem comes where i stop the debugging to make further changes to the driver and then start the Kernel Debugger again my project builds and then tries to deploy it to the target pc but it cant find it and also the vmware machine is hung i think waiting for the debugger to connect but it cant connect because when the debugging had stopped it hung it then

    Am i doing comething wrong? im really stuck have spent days playing around with this with no luck

    Thanks for any help in advance


    Wednesday, November 07, 2012 12:22 PM

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