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  • Hi, 

      I have installed my mirror driver using devcon.exe, available in WDK version 7600.16385.1 and it is getting installed without any error message. I can see the my driver in device manager, also it's entry is available in HKLM\Hardware\Devicemap\video list but some how enumDisplayDevicesA() is not able to detect the driver.

    My code is 




       HMODULE hUser32=LoadLibrary("USER32");

       pd = (pEnumDisplayDevices)GetProcAddress( hUser32, "EnumDisplayDevicesA");

       while (result = (*pd)(NULL,devNum, &dd, 0))


    if (strcmp((const char *)&dd.DeviceString[0], driverName) == 0)





    I am having few doubts:

    1.) Issues is coming mostly with win7, so is there any known issue in win7 + EnumDisplayDevicesA()?

    2.) If I restart the system after installation then it is getting listed, why restart is required? Other 3rd party driver is not having such requirement.

    3.) EnumDisplayDevices() must be reading the data from some data base why installer is not able to update the list? Is my devcon not pnp installer?

    Please help me it is very urgent.

    Thanks in advance.



    Wednesday, February 9, 2011 1:07 PM

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