Failed to connect to a windows service notification error message


  • Hello,

    I installed windows 7 professional about 2 months ago and last week i had this error message come up when i try to boot up:

    "failed to connect to a windows service. windows could not connect to the system event notification service service. this problem  prevents standard users from logging on to th system. as an administrator user you can review the system event log for details about why the service didn't respond"

    When this message comes up the areo effect and transparency is disabled and  if i click on the sheild to fix it the problem cannot be fixed.

    if i re-boot sometimes the problem is resolved - but not always.

    I am the only user on this computer and there are no other users. i tried a software 'advanced care system' version 3.7.2 to clean up my system and this didn't work.

    i tried uninstalling some updates but this didn't work.

    Any suggestions to fix this problem? TIA :)

    Tuesday, October 12, 2010 5:05 PM