Enabling SNMP server in Windows 7


  • Hello Every One

    I am trying to enable SNMP server on Windows 7.

    But after enabling the server i am not able to get any response from it when queried by a third party SNMP agent

    Please help me in this regard.

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  • I am not sure why a moderator would have moved this question here, but it is clear that it did not belong in the Small Basic forum.  I am no expert but currently working on a SNMP development project for my own education into network utilities.

    You asked this question more than a year ago so you may have already found what you were looking for elsewhere. I apologize if my answer appears to take a simplistic direction but it is futile to jump into an answer without some idea of what you are trying to accomplish. Please note that SNMP is not a server in the sense that your question implies. Unless you really did meant to say SERVICE which may or may not be enabled on your computer.

    You may want to read a book by Michael Busby, entitled Demystifying TCP/IP (Third Edition) for a fairly good (not device specific) overview of how SNMP is used in the management of network devices. There is also a great deal of SNMP service specific info for Windows in the MSDN library online. My project addresses a typical home/small office router and in general a good place to get an understanding of the basics. A good place to get started writing a program to deal with a usefull application of SNMP can be found in the Code Project website at the following:

    Good Luck with your project

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011 5:45 PM