IMAPIv2 and cdrom.sys features in Windows 7 pre-beta build from PDC and WinHEC RRS feed

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    Windows 7 pre-beta build has been made available to the public at PDC and will be available as well at WinHEC.


    The following IMAPIv2 and cdrom.sys features are available in this build:


    - All of the XP, 2k3, Vista IMAPIv2 Windows Feature Pack for Storage features as visible in the MSDN preliminary documentation, including:

    - BD-R, BD-RE recording

    - UDF 1.50, 2.01, 2.50 filesystem mastering

    - Gapless CD-Audio recording

    - Burn verification

    - API for ISO image validation

    - DVD+R DL multi-session is now supported


    - Gapless CD-Audio recording is enabled by default in Windows Media Player for devices supporting this capability


    - ISO image burning is available from Windows Explorer


    - cdrom.sys has been re-implemented with KMDF. Applications issuing I/Os to CD/DVD/BD devices can now cancel each and any I/O (for instance if the device became unresponsive). Also, developers debugging kernel mode issues in the space can use !wdf debugger extensions to investigate issues.


    - Streaming of DVD-Video support has been implemented in all layers from cdrom.sys to Windows Media Player, including the UDF file system driver and the video playback sub-system. 3rd party DVD playback applications may use their choice of cdrom.sys streaming IOCTL (lowest level), file system streaming mode for file open, or include the Windows video playback sub-system as a whole. Additionally to playback, the cdrom.sys and file system layers also support streaming recording.


    - The Microsoft SATA miniport driver will now make use of the SATA Asynchronous Notification mechanism for CD/DVD/BD devices. Accordingly, for supported devices, the SATA bus will not be used every second to issue a Get Event Status Notification command. Instead, Windows will wait for an Asynchronous Notification by the device for any event of the Get Event Status Notification command. This reduces the power consumption of supported devices by reducing I/O controller and I/O link activity.


    - For all CD/DVD/BD devices, cdrom.sys now uses a collescable timer which synchronizes with other timers on the system to reduce the CPU power mode transitions for detection of device event notification.


    - DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM and BD-RE multi-session is now supported in IMAPIv2.


    - The IMAPIv2 file system image creator now supports not creating staging file data to drastically improve burning performances. In our Microsoft lab tests, burning time for 3 GB to DVD using Windows Explorer and mastering is reduced by 35%.


    - The prepare blank disc dialog has been revisited for clarity


    - The error message in case of a mastering burn failure has been improved with specific error description and suggested resolution steps.

    Friday, October 31, 2008 8:50 PM