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    We recently cut over to 64bit hardware (unrelated saga here) and things are much, much better. We really didnt have any snafu's of note, just a small batch of little things. We have however noticed two new kinds of errors that dont make a lot of sense.

    The first error appears to be a render error (as best I can tell) where very infrequently (1 error per 10,000 requests) will cause a script tag added via the script manager to get munged.

    For example, the legimate script tag we add looks like this:

        <script src="/foresee/foresee-trigger.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    Yet we get 404 errors for a GET that looks like this:


    To avoid ya'll having to translate that in your head, this is what the decoded URL looks like:

        http://www.trailblazerhealth.com/FileNotFound.aspx?404;http://www.trailblazerhealth.com:80/foresee/foresee-trigge                        <a id=

    The legitimate link was apparently cut off by what appears to be generic HTML from somewhere.

    Has anyone seen/heard anything like this? I am going to add the script tag via an ASP:Literal in the head (script manager writes to the ) and see what happens, but this might be a problem for others even if I am able to work around.

    The second error we have seen is equally as odd. The error only seems to come from one page, but again its not clearly reproducable. This is one of our most heavily trafficed "look up" pages, so again the error rate has to be pretty low (1 in 1,000). This is an example of what we see:

        '???_6it*?I J?E)?`a???4I?,??k‑? ?sp' is not a valid virtual path.

    The hex equivalent (via a cut and paste from an error email) is as follows:

        27 3f 20 3f 3f 5f 20 36 20 69 74 2a 3f 49 20 4a 3f 45 20 29 3f 60 61 3f 3f 3f 34 49 3f 2c 3f 20 3f 6b 20 3f 20 20 3f 73 70 27

    No other pages seem to have this problem and the page in question doesn't do any crazy dynamic stuff. The requests that generate these errors seem legitimate from what we log and its not clear why the request results in an invalid virtual path.

    Just wanted to post on the off chance someone else is seeing or knows about either of these two issues.



    Wednesday, February 24, 2010 5:29 PM


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    Following up on this ...

    It appears that the script manager for 64bit IIS just has an occasional render problem. The bulk of the munged script path errors (first error described above) were from a script being included via a control that handles our <head> contents using Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptInclude. We simply replaced the script manager call with an <ASP:Literal> and the problems with our script path getting munged up went away.

    Reinforcing this observation is the occasional WebResource.axd scritp path that still gets munged up in exactly the same way. This is a very low error rate (1:30,000) and has no obvious pattern (can occur on pretty much any page on the site).

    Regarding the second error type, we found some interesting clues (we split up to look for them) but as yet we haven't earned our meddling kids badge. I have a hunch this will end up being an issue with certain browsers jacking up the HTTP Request causing IIS/.NET to freak out, although we will have to add additional logging before we can prove it. This may also prove to be a false lead.

    Will post as we learn more.


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