This program requires flash.ocx, which is no longer included in this version of Windows.

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  • I have the solution to your problem which is quite simple.  Update your flash make sure it is enabled in your I/E settings. Now open a new project add a webbrowser have it navigate to a site that uses flash, if ya get error then ya know ya have install flash or I/E settings are not enabled. Now if the new project you made works and doesn't give ya the error, go back into your old program delete the webbrowser an go to toolbox an re-add it, for some reason this is the only way for the webbrowser to update itself to apply the new flash, then redo your code because that will be off as well, if ya dbl click on webbrowser it will show WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted_1 due to ya removing the old one, simple go to your old code under WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted copy to notepad now delete  the whole sub WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted & WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted_1. Now re- dbl click on webbrowser it will now correctly say WebBrowser1_DocumentCompleted paste in your old code an bam no more flash ocx errors!
    Wednesday, April 13, 2011 8:53 PM

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  • I found an easier way to fix this problem. On 64 bit systems by default I/E uses the 32bit version (256- bit) this is where the problem starts, not impressed ok do simple test to prove my point. Open your default I/E navigate to page that uses flash, notice no problems if you have flash installed. Click the about box you will see it the 256 bit I/E. Now go to start menu open  Internet Explorer (64-bit) navigate to same page you did for flash test notice it says you have to install flash. Your thinking I already have it installed wrong. You have to install flash for both versions, backwards ya I say.

    So now how fix it, there is 2 ways

    1.) Install flash for 64 bit as well, drawback every computer that uses your application would have to install for 64 bit, which most people use the 32 bit so would inquire one to install for both I/E to rid of the dreaded Flash.ocx problem

    2.) Best way change platform mode to 86x in the configuartion mode, this would make it stop it from verifying if flash is installed for 64 bit I/E

    Tuesday, May 03, 2011 12:36 AM