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  • Hi, I need advice to configure the pipeline of my project. In the repository, there is a master branch that contains different technologies used by various components :

    • VB6
    • Ms Visual Studio 2005
    • Ms Visual studio .NET 2013

    For exemple, Visual studio .NET 2013 is used for the compilation of a driver, include in the solution.

    My question : Is it possible, in the same branch, to use these different technologies to compile and setup a build ?If Yes, what do I have to choose to configure the 'set up build' (see picture attached) ? And how can I assign the right compilation tools to the right code section ?

    Notice : To generate the installation package, I use an *.ISS file for 'Inno setup' tool.

    Many thanks, by advance, for your answer.

    PS : If I may, is it possible to show me sample screens to illustrate the answer to my questions ? it would allow me to find my way more efficiently :)

    Olivier GIRAUD.

    Thursday, November 26, 2020 2:36 PM

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  • Hi,

    it is possible to do so since the projects are in different folder each, thus you can start a build task from the specific project folder, both Ms Vs 2005 and 2013 can be built using an MsBuild task, for the VB6 project you should try this extension Visual Studio 2003 Build Task - Visual Studio Marketplace

    - task: MSBuild@1
      displayName: 'Build solution project1/*.sln'
        solution: 'project1/*.sln'
    - task: MSBuild@1
      displayName: 'Build solution project1/*.sln'
        solution: 'project2/*.sln'
    - task: igorrosamacedo.VS2003-Build-Task.buildvs2003.Visual Studio .NET 2003 Build Task@0
      displayName: 'VS2003 Build '
        TargetFile: 'vbproject/*.sln'

    you can also use the classic editor:

    in facts in the screenshots I didnt specified the path to each project directory, you should specify them.

    hope it helps,

    Best Regards!

    Thursday, November 26, 2020 5:45 PM