Windows 7 Control Panel Home (Classic View)


  • As much as I like this new flavor of Windows 7, I can't help to hate they way things changed. My gripes are the "control panel" has become a tethered portal to an infinite vacation. I mean, nothing is where it should be! If anyone agrees, or disagrees...speak now or hold your bytes! I hate how now I have to search to get to the "Check for updates" link. WASTE!!  Before when I opened the Vista control panel, bam., it was there on that page!! Now, i have to search for a function which should have stay the same. If the platform was build around Vista, atleast the control panel home and classic view should've stayed the same.

    The path now to eject a USB has also become a journey to pop-ups and windows! Why couldn't the same icon have stayed for ejecting devices. Users now have to deal with a window, pop-up and decision!! Not cool!!

    LET'S BE HONEST HERE!! Some users with experience understand the Beta concept; however, those that do not, cannot add there remarks and comment on changes. Microsoft only listens to beta users and their own development team. Sure MS placed a beta, but not everyone had a chance to agree or disagree with changes. Money making schemes!

    I would like to find a real solution for this!! Classic view and control panel for window 7 to look and work as it did in Vista. Users should not have to change the icon setting to find 100 plus (ex) icons to choose from.  Classic view is fine and keep the same control panel from vista in win7.

    Before I hack my entire OS, who do I have to pay in order to have these changes made?? Seriously, who!!!

    Users and novice user around the globe are already talking about these topics and more!!!

    Bring back Gates!!!

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3:00 PM