i can't type with my keyboard -tried on sceen key board now my regular keyboard will not respond-please help ! i want my regular keyboard


    1. have windows 7-called technical support
    2. said it  was  a software problem -want  me to reprogram my computer
    3. Dosn't seem right, to have  to have everything off and  install software again ?
    4. when i clicked on keyboard, it  came  on screen but  no dirctions how  to make regular  keyboard  work again -jusy how  to  turn  on screen keyboard 
    5. my  need to type  is urgent -  need to  type  my normal  way
      help  please
    6. do  i start  over ? or  is  their a way  to turn on  screen  off make regular keyboard  type  words on screen ?
    7. i know  almost nothing about  computer -what does the tag question refer to ?
    • computer  information
      DELL USB entry keyboard
    • windows live search
    • windows  7 home  premium
    • adobe reader 9
    • dell software  roxio 1.9
    • microsoft office home     student

    other  info  you need?

    Tuesday, February 09, 2010 7:49 PM

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  • Same problem as babs page, but this is only with one user, the rest are ok. I prefer to use the regular keyboard over the ons screen one. What to do ?

    Tuesday, November 27, 2012 5:53 PM