how to understand Microsoft .net


  • I got  following sentence from
    ["Microsoft .NET-connected" for applications or services that are based on the .NET Framework and use Web services to connect to other applications or services.

    Do not use the phrase "Microsoft .NET-connected" for applications or services that are not based on the .NET Framework. Instead, use the phrase "Web service-based" solutions for applications and services that connect through Web services but do not take advantage of the .NET Framework.]

    1. I'm confused regarding Microsoft .Net and .Net and .Net framework.

        Can i take .net as technology of Microsoft? and take .Net some web pages described as .Net framework?

    2. how to understand "Web service-based"?  cann't we use .net framework when connect application and services through web-service?

    Please give me more explaination~~ thanks

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    Friday, October 12, 2012 10:26 AM