A Smart Phone, A Chi Charger, A Rasp. Pi, & A Portable Battary SLIDE INTO, A Hip Case with a sleeve for any Phone RRS feed

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  • Here is the idea. Those Battary packs we have are inconvenient; wires, not hands free while doing passive things with a head set or headphones, buried in a pack, and charging alone.

    So I think the main idea here is obvious developing a battery pack in a case with a chi plate one side with a external elastic sleeve to fit fat or long phones with accessories and or a case and very thin small phone so you can slide them up close to the chi plate while connected to you hip with a small carabineer and leather mount like my hard drive case for the 8GB USB drive I have. Maybe even making it zip open in and allowing for any battery pack to be put inside with a small internal cable to connect the battery of choice. Then is there is room a Raspberry Pi power with a Heat Sink copper/or/water block cover sticking out the other side of the case to dissipate heat. Making it convenient to throw your phone on the charger while on the go or in-between changing tasks and wirelessly so you can easily pick it back up when using it.

    The Rasp. Pi running some form of windows 10 may not be necessary but if you have some shared processing or other tasks that can be running for say encoding or for sound production on the go passively or with minimal user interface with the phone you also have. Pairing them via Bluetooth for shared workload processing with windows Continuum in some way. I imagine Imogene Heap running around town with her fancy gloves for mixing music preforming live mixes for internet radio while she commutes home on the bus so her show will be over before getting home to relax. ;-) maybe a little much but hey imagination is my strong suit.

    Friday, May 11, 2018 9:15 AM