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  • Hi,

    I'm working on a custom Windows app which internally uses sample code of WifiDirectLegacyAP provided in Windows-classis-samples website for our homegrown Windows based AP.

    With this sample code, I'm able to get the custom app working on our AP. Client machines can also discover and connect to the server running the custom app. 


     When the client devices connect to the server device (running the custom app) for the first time, client machine pops-up the dialog to enter the PIN, rather than the pass-phrase. However, there is a link on the dialog which the user on client machine has to explicitly click for entering the passphrase ("Enter the network security key").  On clicking this link and entering the passphrase, connection goes through. Additional observations are listed below. 
    * The dialog to enter PIN is only for the first time (when WLAN profile doesn't exist). Once WLAN profile exists on the client machine, dialog for entering "pass-phrase" pops up immediately on discovering our AP.
    * This issue is seen only when the client machines use Windows 10. With Windows 7, this issue is not seen.

    The sample code recommends the usage of LegacySettings for WifiDirect connections. 


    * How to get the pass-phrase dialog for client machines using Windows 10 as the default behaviour? I've seen this working when using Windows 10 with other Wifi routers/APs. What do I need to do on the server machine (running the custom app) to achieve the same? Do I need to tweak the LegacySettings mentioned above to achieve the same? If yes, how to do it?



    Friday, January 11, 2019 5:21 PM