Accessing Authentication to token to access Azure KayVault Secret RRS feed

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    In my Web API app i have enabled System Assigned Identity,And provided access to System Assigned identity to read secret from KayVault

    my web application need to get Authenticationtoken to access the Kay vault.

    I can get the token if i have CLIENTID, CLIENTSECRET for my system assigned identity,for system assigned identity how can i get the CLIENTID, CLIENTSECRET

    Monday, April 20, 2020 12:30 AM


  • Hello Amarnath , 

    If you are using web API app and have enabled system Assigned Identity , I am assuming that you have enabled the Managed Identity on the app resource. I do not think you will need a separate client Secret and Client ID to get a token . You can use the internal IMDS service to directly get a token for the resource (in this case the app) . The whole point of Managed Identity was to avoid saving the secret in code or the need to fetch the code from Keyvault . I am not sure of your use case but I think you do not need to use client ID and Client Secret . Please check the section how to obtain token from the Azure Instance Metadata Service to access any supported Azure Resource (in your case , it can be app service or functions app accessing key vault  etc. ). That section should provide you clarity . Creating a system assigned Managed Identity creates a service principal which is accessing from azure portal by going to Azure Active Directory > enterprise Applications > <Managed Identity Name>  , but a corresponding entry in the app registration blade is not seen hence you would not be able to create a client secret for the same as far as I think. 

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    Monday, April 20, 2020 7:12 PM