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  • Hello,

    can anybody tell me if there is a rule when to use 32bit or 64bit versions of STAMPINF.EXE, INF2CAT.EXE and SIGNTOOL.EXE? F.ex. do I need to use 64-bit version of the tools when signing 64bit driverse, or is it required to use 64bit-version when the tool is executed on a 64-bit system?

    I need to modify my driver, which means that I have to resign them too. Previously I had WDK7 and WDK8 installed, but got a new PC (Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit) in mean-time. Now I'm in trouble because I cannot install older versions of WDK any more since I already installed WADK für Windows 10. Of course, I installed "WDK for Windows 10" I found on this page, but now I'm not sure how to get on:

    As far as I could see, I have Windows Kits 8.0, 8.1 and 10 installed. The main problem is caused by the INF2CAT utility: The only 64-bit version (x64 sub-directory) is located in the WADK 8.0, and this does not recognise the OS 10_X86 and 10_X64 switches. The only version I have that supports this OS is from WADK 10, but it is a x86 version (x86 sub-directory).

    Thanks for any advice.

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 1:22 PM