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Instant Search problem in Outlook 2007 RRS feed

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  • Since no Microsofters did visit the similar topic since 2007, I decided to start up a new thread.
    The symptoms are as follows:
    1. Windows XP SP2
    2. Outlook 2007.
    3. MS Exchange in Cached mode

    When I do a fresh install and connect to my mailbox, everything works perfect for some time.
    Then, at some arbitrary moment, Instant Search stops indexing my items. The old ones are still searchable, the new ones - not.
    Reindexing a mailbox helps, but only once: the new items (arrived since rebuild) aren't indexed as well. Since I have about 4.5 GB mail in my mailbox, daily rebuild is not a realistic option.

    This have been an issue on my desktop; same mailbox accessed from my laptop worked perfect until this week it also stopped indexing.

    When I look at Instant Search - Indexing Status, I always see "2000 items remaining in "Mailbox - Anton Zlygostev", and the number slowly grows as new messages arrive. It never decreases, so no actual indexing progress happen. 

    I enabled the logging, and got the following file:

    Store File Name: outlook.ost
    Date|Time|Action|Search Owner|NID|Change Action|Change Semantics|URL|Count Of DocIDs|Next NID Index to add to All Msg folder|Next NID Index to push to FTE|Folder Path|Folder Path ID|HRESULT|Result Status
    2008/09/26|15:18:48:552|Marking store for reconciliation: Non-matching max change numbers|0|||||||||||OK
    2008/09/26|15:21:45:755|OnDataChanged returned an error|2|4398692|Add||mapi://{S-1-5-21-1423338533-1174839380-75105502-3539}/Mailbox - Anton Zlygostev($5c0e39c7)/0/Inbox/Support/WebCentral_com_au/곯가가가겵걵걨걞갾겟갎걇겑갴걫걨갞갸간갻걤갞걃가/at=곥걗갆가Tongue Tiedbrestore.log||||||0x80040d07|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:21:45:755|Won't retry for this error|2||||||||||0x80040d07|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:25:17:583|OnIndexStatusChange - Gatherer|2|15437636|Add||mapi://{S-1-5-21-1423338533-1174839380-75105502-3539}/Mailbox - Anton Zlygostev($5c0e39c7)/0/Sync Issues/곯가가가겵걵걨걞갾겟갎걇겑갴걫걨갞갸간갻걄겏곫가||||||0x80040dba|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:25:17:583|Processing lost connection|2||||||||||0x80040863|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:25:17:583|SGO_ScProcessIndexedItemStatusGatherer done|2||||||||||0x80040dba|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:25:17:583|SGO_ScProcessIndexedItemStatusChange done|2|||||1|||||0x80040dba|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:25:17:583|Entering error backoff|2||||||||||0x80040dba|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:735|OnIndexStatusChange - Gatherer|2|15437636|Add||mapi://{S-1-5-21-1423338533-1174839380-75105502-3539}/Mailbox - Anton Zlygostev($5c0e39c7)/0/Sync Issues/곯가가가겵걵걨걞갾겟갎걇겑갴걫걨갞갸간갻걄겏곫가||||||0x80040dba|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:735|Processing lost connection|2||||||||||0x80040863|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:735|SGO_ScProcessIndexedItemStatusGatherer done|2||||||||||0x80040dba|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:735|SGO_ScProcessIndexedItemStatusChange done|2|||||1|||||0x80040dba|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:735|Entering error backoff|2||||||||||0x80040dba|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:735|Doc Not Found|2|38110|||||||||0x8004010f|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:735|Doc Not Found|2|36719|||||||||0x8004010f|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:735|Doc Not Found|2|39857|||||||||0x8004010f|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:750|Doc Not Found|2|40010|||||||||0x8004010f|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:750|Doc Not Found|2|40367|||||||||0x8004010f|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:750|Doc Not Found|2|450|||||||||0x8004010f|FAIL
    2008/09/26|15:35:34:750|Doc Not Found|2|40444|||||||||0x8004010f|FAIL

    Unfortunately, this does not give me a slightest idea on what's wrong.
    Could anybody suggest a solition (other than switching to the old "non-instant" search, which would take eternity with my mailbox size)?
    Friday, September 26, 2008 8:48 AM

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  • I am currently having the same issue and same logs with one of my users. Is there a solution?
    Tuesday, February 17, 2015 5:39 AM
  • I am having the same issue with Outlook 2010. I have that weird Korian text in my logs as well (not that Korian is weird but weird that it is in a log for on any English computer).
    Thursday, February 1, 2018 9:45 PM