Do I submit my driver test to WHCK as a driver update or as a new driver? RRS feed

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  • We have a USB device with a Windows logo certified driver for Win 7, Vista and XP.  This driver is registered with windows update such that connecting our device will automatically find its associated driver.  Also, we used this device/driver as part of our Windows Partnership qualification.  Now two things have happened: 1) Win 8 is about to be released and we need our driver certified for it, and 2) the device qualification for our partnership is expired.  Here's my questions: 1) I've tested our driver with WHCK and it has passed... the only change I made was to change its version number... do I submit this as a new device/driver or a device/driver update... keeping in mind I'd like this driver to automatically update existing driver installations through windows update, 2) if I submit as a device/driver update, does that provide the qualification I need for partnership?
    Wednesday, October 10, 2012 1:14 PM


  • Driver update acceptable

    Occasionally, a certified device requires that its driver be modified in ways that don't change the binaries and interoperability of the device with a system. In these cases, you may submit a DUA package.

    Conditions where a DUA is acceptable

    For an already approved driver submission, changes to driver packages that add, remove, or modify files that don't interoperate with or otherwise affect driver functionality or reliability are allowed via a DUA submission. A DUA submission may include only changes in file types: .txt, .htm, .rtf, .chm, .hlp, .inf, .icm, .jpg, .bmp, .cpl, .pdf, .mht, or txtsetup.oem. No changes are allowed for the driver binaries (such as .sys and .dll. You may add new hardware IDs in the INF file as part of these updates, provided that they meet the family policies.

    Conditions for a DUA

    Retesting isn't required for a DUA submission. The Hardware Dashboard performs a WinDiff file comparison with the original to ensure that no binaries have changed.

    THe following link will provide procedures for ci=ompleting a DUA submission.

    The DUA process will not allow you to add Win 8 so Win 8 would be required to make a new initial submisison.    A DUA qualifies for a certification in the same way as a intial submission.  No comment on how this will effect partnerships. 

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012 4:55 PM