RFCOMM in Bluetooth


  • Hi,

    I have few questions to ask regarding Microsoft's BT stack and about the WDK 8.0.

    I am using Win8 consumer preview and WDK 8.0.

    1. RFCOMM component for BT is provided by MS and i guess this PSM is already been registered by MS Bt stack?

    if it is correct then is their any alternative to use customized RFCOMM? what i mean is, if i want to use my own RFCOMM in place of existing RFCOMM that windows provides is their any way?

    Why i am asking this is because the old WDK .chm document suggest following.(I am not able to see anywhere the new downloadable document help for WDK 8.0)

    "Multiple profile drivers cannot register to recieve incoming L2CAP connection requests from any remote device for the same PSM".

    That means if RFCOMM is been register to L2CAP by windows itself then no one can register for this?

    2. How to set profile wise security ?

    for example i want to set "Authorization" enable everytime a device sends a request to my profile say FTP how can i achieve this?

    I have tried to read in Win7 WDK help but nothing is provided.

    3. How to make Fixed CID L2CAP channels which is a must for single mode and Dual Mode stack.

    We have searched the document thoroughly and not able to find answers to above questions. Moreover Microsoft still haven't released the

    documentation help or API reference kind of document for WDK8.0 so it is more problamatic.

    Could someone please suggest some pointers or answer this questions.

    It will be a great help for me.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Tuesday, May 22, 2012 8:20 AM

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