WDK Guardrail Analysis fails in HLK... RRS feed

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  • My driver consists of an inf and a cat file, as it uses an existing Microsoft driver and just points to it for usage.

    All tests in the HLK have passed, no issues, except the last one, the WDK Guardrail analysis. I set the proper processor types, x86 and x64, and point to my 2 files.

    However it fails with the following error messages:

    Error: ApiComparer had an XmlException. Make sure XML file has correct format.

    Error: Check that XML files are formatted correctly.

    Error: Test failed with error message: Analysis run on incorrect file types or the folder is empty.

    I searched as to what is supposed to be in this package, could not find anything. I tried applying a test filter to eliminate this test, the submission gets rejected saying the test was not run. I searched the errata's and found nothing on this issue. I also applied the latest filters and the test is still marked as failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Wednesday, August 10, 2016 7:17 PM

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  • I figured this one out, we were able to filter out the WDK Guardrail analysis using the 1511 playlist. The WDK Guardrail is for universal drivers, which we are not trying to be. I also had to answer NO during the submission process for the question as to whether or not it was universal...



    Tuesday, August 23, 2016 7:44 PM