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Can't find documentation for this error code from UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices


  • Hi everyone,

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this question.  A while ago, while searching for answers to a different question, I saw someone get redirected here even for questions concerning Setup API.  The function, UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices (here)is such a function.  I'm trying to install a driver that was developed by another on my team.  I've developed my INF file correctly now (I know this because I can install this driver using the update driver dialog windows/wizard while using Device Manager).  However, I'm not able to install using a command line program that I've developed.

    My command line program is quite simple really.  I'm using the Setup API and the Config Manager 32 in order to determine that I have the correct AHCI HBA on the system, based on PCI bus number, on which to install the new driver.  One system that I have tested, I am able to install using my command line utility.  For the 64 (or 32) bit windows 7 systems I've tested on, I've been able to use this command line installer only on 1 of them (I've tested on 3 machines for both OS builds).

    Every time the UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices() fails, it fails with error code 3758096967 (0xe0000247).  I can't find this error code documented anywhere from Microsoft (why is that????).  Searches from Google produce precious little information.  The best guess I'm finding is that this error code has something to do with the driver "package" failing the signing test.  First off, this driver package is completely in development at the moment and it isn't signed.  However, my understanding is that this doesn't matter on 32 bit systems.  On the 64 bit systems, I've placed them into test mode.  That is, I've executed "bcdedit /set testsigning=yes" which says that the command passed.  A bcdedit /v confirms this.

    So, the simple question is, what am I missing?  Why is this command line utility failing to install this driver?  I'm completely grasping at straws at this point.  Any help in this is greatly appreciated (since I have extremely little experience with any of this).


    Thursday, April 12, 2012 9:43 PM