Windows 8 Bug Report


  • Where should i report about Windows 8 Bug that i found ?

    i would like to report Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro Bug.

    This is My Problem :

    i have been Currently using Wacom Pen Digitizer.

    it may work on it's Pressure Sensitive well.

    although i found some bug:

    1. When i make scroll on windows 8 Apps, it get's Buggy, it jump back and forth, and it's just not so smooth, When using Pen Mode Using Wacom Digitizer.

    2. When using Pen Mode, Digitizer always failed when using "Pan and scroll" Function, this is caused that Mouse and Pen mode is in Different Position.

    and by switching back to mouse mode on Digitizer pen, move them to current location about to pan/scroll, and then switch back to Pen Mode, helps this Problem.

    3. also having a problem when Reaching Touch Keyboard and Handwriting panel. the cursor showed during taping the keyboard or writing, but lost when moved to Enter/Backspace Position to tap to it.

    4. Wacom is releasing latest Driver Update, that Help's With Windows 8 slide to call charm on it's touchpad, and to do switch task of Apps, but the function to do right click touch and left click touch is missing, i like this as an option, because on previous Wacom driver, it really work by aiming my one finger to the target and make right click by just add another finger on it. because the latest makes me have to let go the pen, and using two finger to make right click.

    On single click also Missing on Latest Update, i like the previous one, to-do Left Click by aiming the finger touch and then add another finger to-do left clicking.

    The reason is simple because i want those function to be available optionality. so it will not disturb other user who like to use the to finger tap, or people like me do the simulate mouse click.

    5. i found that this simulation left click and right click is missing on windows 8, where exist on windows 7. when using my tablet touch screen. (yes because i have tried both),

    So please add this as an option. because those are so much make's me easier when working.

    6. i am also lost of the Mouse Simulator, that shaped really like mouse , that exist on windows 7, it's very much important when working Ex: on Excel , also please add this back on windows 8.  ( and again it really work's when working mobile if don't carry pen or mouse).

    i hope this all my bug report is avaliable on Blue, i heard that blue is about to release, or maybe add an update with my windows 8 Updates.

    and Please Hurry up fix it, we need to work with windows 8 Desktop and 8UI ( Metro ).

    if this have been fixed Please let me know twitter @boomerangid

    i'm Super Excited using Windows 8.

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  • Hi idfriends,

    This forum is for questions about using the Ink and Touch API to develop Windows Desktop applications.

    For problems with using Windows 8 please ask on the Windows 8 forums on

    That said, it sounds like your problem is with Wacom's drivers and not with Windows 8 itself.  


    Thursday, June 13, 2013 2:06 AM