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problem when installing a driver from .inf file RRS feed

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  • i have rebuilt the driver simbatt from the Driver SDK :

    but i have a problem with the setup or the install of this driver ,

    when i use the dialog box of the device manager to install it , it says  that :

    "the folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device, if the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows for 32-bit systems."

    my .inf file is 

    Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"

    DefaultDestDir = 12

    1 = %DiskId1%,,,""

    simbatt.sys  = 1,,


    %pnpid.DeviceDesc% = simbatt_Inst,pnpid
    %ACPI\acpidevnum.DeviceDesc% = simbatt_Inst,ACPI\acpidevnum

    CopyFiles = SimBatt_Device_Drivers


    AddService = simbatt,2,simbatt_Service_Inst    ; function driver for the device
    DisplayName    = %simbatt.SvcDesc%
    ServiceType    = 1 ;    SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER
    StartType      = 3 ;    SERVICE_DEMAND_START
    ErrorControl   = 1 ;    SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL%
    ServiceBinary  = %12%\simbatt.sys

    MyCo = "myCom"
    StdMfg = "hhh"
    ClassName = "Battery"
    DiskId1 = "Simulated Battery Installation Disk"
    pnpid.DeviceDesc = "Simulated Battery"
    ACPI\acpidevnum.DeviceDesc = "Simulated Battery"
    simbatt.SvcDesc = "Simulated Battery"

    Wednesday, December 12, 2018 4:16 PM

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