Windows 7 and SLI


  • a bad gpu, or hdd. But this I spent a small fortune on some top of the line hardware for my dream machine back in january, including an i7 920, EVGA X58 Classified 3x SLI, 12GB DDR3 1600, 2x GTX260's, 2x 500GB hdd, 2x 1TB eSata's, and a nice aftermarket cpu cooler and a HAF932 so heat would not be an issue. I am not an overclocker so I wanted a rig that I would not have to oc, and after months of research I got mine. Well against better judgement I decided to get the "latest, greatest" in operating systems and went with win 7 pro 64. Well lets see... I have installed and reinstalled win 7 (40 times?) so many times that I have to call in and activate every time now. I have ms in my speed dial. Come on man, and I actually paid top dollar for this? Well I have been suffering since january with countless bsod's, freezes, crashes, automatic reboot, and all kinds of errors in the event viewer. For the last week I have been removing hardware and testing it one piece at a time, and thought I had it narrowed down to morning I stumbled onto new posts related to win 7 and SLI. a guy in one of the post was going to sell one of his gpu's as a solution. Well instead I am going to call ms and see if i can ship win7 back to them for a copy of XP 64. If not I guess I will have to shell out even more money for a copy. Having been a pc since the begining of my computing life I was well aware of vista and how bloated windows seems to be getting. Being optimistic I thought I would give win7 a shot, but when I was installing it for the first time a shiver ran down my spine as I thought to myself "this looks alot like vista" and when I got to my win7 desktop for the 1st time I screamed "THIS IS VISTA!" But I still thought I would give them a chance. And since january I have been burning myself out trying to figure this all out. Seems that its not hardware related but has more to do with win7. Can some please confirm or deny that win 7 has issues with multiple gpu's? Because I am out of things to try, and I am just tired! PLEASE!
    Wednesday, May 19, 2010 11:23 PM