Connecting with Native WiFi on AdHoc Network


  • Hi,

    I need an c# application that can connect on an AdHoc Network provided by a tablet or phone. I`m using the Managed Wifi API and always get the error "Profile is corrupted" when I try to connect on my Tablet`s AdHoc WEP (there`s no security key). I can see my AdHoc listed on GetAvailableNetworkList(0) and the SSID is correct, but the "profileName" is blank. I need a profile to stablish a connection but the mehod GetProfiles() only returns networks with security key, so how would I get connected on AdHoc WEP? I tried to create some xml profiles with profileName = SSID or blank, but nothing works and profile still corrupted when it`s connecting.  Thanks!

    Thursday, April 04, 2013 3:47 AM