Windows XP Internet Drivers


  • I recently upgraded my Windows 98 to XP Home.  Apparantly the drivers for connecting to the internet have been erased because I can no longer connect to the internet; the computer is not "seeing" the modem.  In the Device Manager under "Other Devices" two drivers are listed:  PCI Simple Communications Controller, and TI RNDIS Network Adaptor.  Both of these drivers show as "not working."  Where can I get these drivers?  And does XP Service Pack 3 contain these drivers?  If so, if I purchase the CD offered by Microsoft of SP3, will this install the drivers I am missing?  I am using an HP Pavilion model 4450.  I exchanged the original 6 GB hard drive with an 80 GB drive that had a Windows 98 OS previously installed on it and I upgraded it to XP Home.  I hope this is enough info to provide an answer.  Thanks!



    Wednesday, March 04, 2009 6:22 AM