Direct3D11 Framework in Windows 7 Tutorial


  • I have found some sample programs for Windows 8 using DirectX11 but I cannot seem to find any for Windows 7. I followed the tutorial for creating a window in Windows 7 but I can't seem to find a tutorial in the docs to get DirectX11 running in that Window. Is there a tutorial to follow in the docs on MSDN?
    Tuesday, January 08, 2013 10:39 PM

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  • Windows Store apps mostly use Direct3D 11.0 APIs for rendering which are also supported on Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2+KB 971644, although they do make use of some DirectX 11.1 APIs and interface objects mostly for the new "Core" window swap chain interactions. The biggest difference otherwise is that Direct2D/DirectWrite on DirectX 11.0 platforms is trickier to use with a Direct3D 11 device. The Direct3D 10.x API is very similar to Direct3D 11. Therefore, generally speaking Direct3D 11.x and Direct3D 10.x samples can be made applicable to either Windows Store apps or Win32 desktop apps.

    If you are looking for a traditional Win32 desktop app message loop and traditional window that uses Direct3D 11, I have a version of the DirectX SDK tutorial that builds using the Windows 8.0 SDK instead on the MSDN Code Gallery. That's probably the best place for you to look.

    The DirectXTK library supports Win32 desktop apps on DirectX 11.0 platforms as well as Windows Store apps and Windows phone 8.

    Beyond that, most of the Win32 desktop Direct3D samples are still only available in the legacy DirectX SDK (See Where is the DirectX SDK?)

    Tuesday, January 08, 2013 11:40 PM