fxc compiler 9.30.9200.16384 bug report and hope to get fix in future


  • The following file fail to compiler under the compiler version I mentioned. (The one shipped with Visual Studio 12)

    //hlsl start

    cbuffer ConstantBuffer00 : register(b0)
        uint4 cb00[1024];

    RWStructuredBuffer<uint> BufferAtomic  : register(u1);

    Texture2D tex : register( t0 );
    SamplerState sam : register( s0 )
        Filter = MIN_MAG_MIP_LINEAR;
        AddressU = Wrap;
        AddressV = Wrap;

    struct PSInput
        float4 col : COLOR;

    float4 main(PSInput input) : SV_Target
        uint k = (uint)(input.col.y);
        InterlockedAdd( BufferAtomic[k], (uint)(input.col.r) );
        if (cb00[k].x == 0)
        return tex.Sample( sam, input.col.rg );

    //hlsl end

    Compiling command line:

    fxc /Tps_5_0 test.fx

    Error info:

    test.fx(29,12-42): error X3662: gradient operation uses a value that may not be defined for all pixels (in ps_5_0 UAV loads can not participate in gradient operations)
    test.fx(27,8-15): error X3662: this variable dependent on potentially UAV-related data: BufferAtomic

    This error information is wrong. The same hlsl can compile successfully with fxc shipped in June 2010 DirectxSDK.

    I want to confirm this is a HLSL compiler bug. And I also want to know when the potential fix will be available. Since such compiler is embedded in WindowsSDK/Windows8, the public fix will only be shipped to new SDK or windows8 update? (I am using windows7, so I have such concern.)

    I do not need workaround, since I can use old version compiler to offer binaries instead.



    Saturday, January 19, 2013 5:19 AM


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