axWindowsMediaPlayer transparent transport controls on mouse move event like standalone WMP


  • I'm using the axWindowsMediaPlayer control in VB6. I would like to reproduce the behaviour of the desktop standalone WMP with respect to mouse movement during playback. In the standalone desktop application, when a video is playing and the mouse cursor is moved a certain amount a nice set of transparent transport controls appears at the bottom of the player window. These controls then disappear if the mouse is stationary for a short time. In "Full Screen" mode even the pointer is hidden if the mouse is stationary for a slightly longer time.

    Is there a property I can set in the axWindowsMediaPlayer control so that the control behaves like this when used in VB6 or is this extra functionality that he standalone player has built in? If the latter, does anybody have a pointer to example code on how to do this?

    NOTE: What I'm asking is different than setting the .uiMode property to "Mini" or "Full".

    Thursday, February 07, 2013 10:17 PM