WDS Custom Install: How to install on D: drive not C: drive?


  • Hi, i want to put my WDS installed into the D drive instead of C.  Can i do this?  Or must the WDS be on the same drive as the OS?

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007 10:37 PM

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  • There is no direct UI way of doing this. By default it installs in the "Program Files" directory.

    To change the install location, you need to modify the [DestinationDirs] section in the .inf install file

    1.) Download the install package.
    2.) Extract the files by running the downloaded program with the /extract parameter (you will be prompted for the path to extract to)
    3.) A sub directory will be created and in there should be a file called "update.inf"
    4.) Edit that file in notepad and look for a section called [DestinationDirs]
    5.) You want to change "WindowsDesktopSearch.UI.Files", "Ext.files", and "Ext.Mui.Files" paths to you new location

        WindowsDesktopSearch.UI.Files   = -1, "d:\Windows Desktop Search" ; Program Files\Windows Desktop Search
        Ext.files                       = -1, "d:\Windows Desktop Search" ; Program Files\Windows Desktop Search
        Ext.Mui.Files                   = -1, "d:\Windows Desktop Search\%WDS_MARKET%" ; Program Files\Windows Desktop Search\%WDS_MARKET%

    6.) Run the update.exe located in this directory to perform the install.

    For more information on the inf [DestinationDirs] file:

    Wednesday, February 28, 2007 2:24 AM