Windows10 IMAPI2 methods now block compared with Windows7 which doesn't block. RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Our company developed an application that is used within the government sector that ultimate would burn video footage to optical disc ( DVD+R for eg ).

    The initial application is developed to target Windows7 x64. We used the IDiscFormat2Data->get_CurrentPhysicalMediaType method to get the status of a drive becoming ready and to also give us the physical media type in an optical drive. We use the return value to determine the state of the drive becoming ready. This is quite an important part of our application and is a selling point for our solution. We would check for a range of 'concrete error values' and eject the media disc if necessary based on the return value. If a return value of S_OK is returned we then look at the disc media type to check if it is a valid media type for our purpose. If it is not then we eject the media.

    Under Windows7 Pro x64 this worked perfectly fine as the method would not block and returned a result immediately.
    Under Windows10 Pro x64 ( V1803, build 17134.165 ) the IMAPI2 IDiscFormat2Data methods now block for up to 20 seconds while the system checks the optical disc(s). This prevents us from giving the required user feedback that the disc is being checked for validation of its media type.

    Do you know if this is expected behaviour, or if breaking changes have been introduced? And do you know of a potential solution to getting the E_IMAPI_RECORDER_MEDIA_BECOMING_READY value returned via the IDiscFormat2Data interface methods?

    To re-iterate the issue: Our solution used the return values of the non-blocking IDiscFormat2Data interface methods on Window7 to give a user feedback that is a disc is becoming ready. On Window10 these methods now block until a known result comes from the method. This has removed a feature and selling point from our solution and we are looking for a resolution.

    Monday, July 30, 2018 9:21 AM

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  • I've come to the conclusion that as there's no reply what-so-ever from any one of the thousands of employees that work for Microsoft including its many out-sourced companies and departments is that it really is true that Microsoft do not care about any of the users that participated in making them one of the richest companies on the planet.

    Well thank you very much!
    Wednesday, March 6, 2019 5:16 AM