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  • Hello out there,

    I have just downloaded MSVS2010.

    I made a program right away that almost does what I want and I was very happy!

    There is just one problem with the program.

    The progarm I wrote only plays a sine wave tone at any given frequency for n duration, and I would like the program to play any user created sound datum at any given frequency for n duration and be able to synthisize (change) the data at any given time by the program or by the user.  I want my progarm to have more than just the 5 oscilator options (saw, sine, square, reverse saw, and random).  For instance if the user enters in two modulators (by user options on input forms that will give the user a smart answer for their options checked) and checkes a box for the program to morph the two sounds.  The primary functionality of the program will be similar to a soft synth.


    I hope someone can offer me a link to some documentation on the function I need in order to change the modulator from user input but not from opening a file; however I would like any response similar to this topic because I am very intrested in sound programming.


    From my understanding of how Microsoft PCM works there is a frequency and modulator (oscilator). 

    I know of other libs, sdks, etc. that can accomplish this (I will list them if needed) but I would rather have a 100% toatal Microsoft solution for compability and distribution purposes.

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