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  • Dear All,

    I used CreateWindow function to create a window. I filled the WNDCLASS structure and RegisterClass function is working fine, but CreateWindow function is failing and I am getting an error value 0x02.

    I filled CreateWindow function parameters as follows,

            wnd_handle = CreateWindow(

                            app_name,                    // window class name

                            TEXT("Vmr Windowed Mode"),   // window caption

                            WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW,         // window style

                            0,                           // initial x position

                            0,                           // initial y position

                            wnd_width,                   // Width of the window.

                            wnd_height,                  // Height of the window.

                            NULL,                        // parent window handle

                            NULL,                        // window menu handle

                            hinstance,                   // program instance handle

                            NULL);                       // creation parameters

      and I am calling above function from a static member function of a class. The error value I am getting from GetLastError function is matched with system error macro ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND, but I am not specified any file in the function.


    Please help me, I am confusing a lot with this error value and I am not understanding the problem with the function.

    Awaiting for your reply. Thank you in advance. 



    Friday, April 8, 2011 9:13 AM