windows media encoder api


  • Hi,

    Using the Windows Media encoder UI we can do the configuration setting like..device, name of the broadcasted file, bit rate and many more.


    I am working on this windows media server/encoder for the first time. I did a lot of searching in the forums and internet, but i could not get a solution.


    here goes my problem:


    Is it possible to have a .net/c# program to create an instance of the windows media encoder and provide the necessary settings programatically, so that the user(from where the live broadcasting is done through a web cam/video cam) need not worry of the required settings. or in other words, as soon as the user clicks on a button in the web/windows application, our program should carry out the necessary setting without any user intervention and stream(PUSH) the live capture to the windows media server which inturn will be converting the video stream into "wmv" format and the same can be viewed by the users hooked on to the website.


    looking forward for your suggestions and help.



    Monday, March 31, 2008 12:35 PM


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