IStreamBufferRecordControl::Start sometimes returns 0x8007000D (ERROR_INVALID_DATA)


  • Sometimes and seemingly without reason, IStreamBufferRecordControl::Start() will return 0x8007000D which is ERROR_INVALID_DATA.    Under what circumstances is this error code returned?

    More Information:

    Our DVR-type application has the sink graph running in a Windows service and the application running elevated in the user's session.  The application plays from the stub file the service creates.   The SBE is using default values for BackingFileCount and BackingFileDuration.    The SBE registry keys are set in the global namespace.

    In the latest instance of this error, I had started the service and the application and all was running well with the application displaying the "live" view.   About 16 hours later I created the recording and Start() returned the error code.

    Monday, November 04, 2013 6:50 PM

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