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Hardware development kits for Windows 10, Version 1809 RRS feed

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  • Install the latest hardware development tools to build, test and deploy drivers; test and measure your hardware running Windows; and customize, assess, and deploy Windows 10 on your hardware.





    Changes and known issues for the WDK:


    Windows Device Testing Framework (WDTF) tests now only run on systems with matching Windows 10 versions as the WDK.

    Changes were made to WDTF in order to support Windows 10, version 1809. The affect of this is that WDTF will no longer run on down-level OS.


    Alterative for down-level testing:

    The WDTF tests in WDK for Windows 10, version 1803 can be run on previous Windows versions


    Device Configuration Change

    Going forward Microsoft is embracing universal drivers and will no longer distinguish between “Computer” and “Mobile”. Projects that are specific to mobile will see the following error message when trying to build.


    "Mobile drivers are unsupported for the target platform version '10.0.17763.0'. Please consider migrating your driver to support the Universal platform or using a WDK version older than ’10.0.17134.0’."



    Change the Driver Target platform Universal or use a previous version of WDK/EWDK.



    Code Analysis Rulesets:

    There is a known issue in the Code Analysis drop-down menu, where the Microsoft Rulesets (ie. “Microsoft MustFix Driver Rules”) do not appear. 



    1. In the Rule Set Selection box select “<Browse…>”

    2. Navigate to CodeAnalysis subdirectory of your WDK install directory (ie. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\CodeAnalysis\”)

    3. Select the RuleSet you want to add

    4. You may now check boxes for the Rule Sets you want to use for your driver project



    On an x86 arch machine APIValidator currently is unable to run against x64 binaries. If building x64 drivers on an x86 machine APIValidator should be turned off.



    1.Go to the properties page of the driver solution

    2.Select APIValidator, then General and change Run ApiValidator from Yes to No


    Static Driver Verifier (SDV)

    On occasions the following error messages may be seen when running SDV: “ScoreUnit=”Unrecoverable error in InterceptedBuild stage” error”

    • “ScoreUnit=”Unrecoverable error in InterceptedBuild stage” only appears in the DVL file. 
    • “[FATAL ERROR] Unrecoverable error in InterceptedBuild stage.” appears in the SDV command line output if run from the command line, or in the Alerts tab of the SDV GUI if run from VS.



    If generating the DVL file for the HLK test, errata 40705 has been created to be used in your submission.

    WDK Enables Spectre mitigation by default

    When the WDK is installed, Spectre mitigations is enabled by default for all drivers. Due to a bug, all C++ projects will now also have Spectre mitigations enabled. If the Spectre mitigation libraries are not installed then at build time this message will be seen:

    "Warning MSB8038 Spectre mitigations is enabled but Spectre mitigated libraries are not found. Verify that the Visual Studio Workload includes the Spectre mitigated libraries. See for more information." 


    Install the Spectre mitigated libraries or In Projects Properties, C/C++, Code Generations set Spectre mitigation to off.

    Notification of upcoming change in the next release of the WDK:

    The next release of the WDK will require installing Microsoft Security Advisory 3033929 (KB3033929) prior to installing the WDK on systems running Windows 7.  KB3033929 can be downloaded here:

    Tuesday, October 2, 2018 9:01 PM