Creating Windows 10 OEM Image with Template User Profile RRS feed

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    I have been searching the internet and have watched several videos but I am still having trouble figuring out the following.

    I want to create an OEM Windows 10 image for my company. It should have certain programs pre-installed and the user profiles should automatically have certain settings already set the way I want them. I am using Windows 10 Home and many of these computers will end up on being sold as part of our product controlling machinery and for the most part will be off of any network when deployed.

    This is the procedure I have been using:
    1. Boot off a flash drive with the Windows 10 image downloaded directly from Microsoft.
    2. Go into Audit Mode and install certain programs. (The part I am having trouble with is customizing the user profile settings and have them transfer over to the OEM image).
    3. When I am done making my changes in Audit Mode, I sysprep and shutdown.
    4. Boot from the USB drive again and press Shift+F10 to get a Windows PE command prompt.
    5. Use dism to create a install.esd file on the hard drive.
    6. Boot from the hard drive again to transfer the install.esd to the flash drive in the sources folder.
    7. Install Windows 10 from the flash drive again using the new install.esd file.

    As stated in my procedure I am having trouble getting the user profile settings to stay in the final image. What am I doing incorrectly to get the user profile settings to stick?

    Friday, May 10, 2019 9:48 PM