Elevate UAC for a Non Admin user with another elevated user token RRS feed

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  • Ok hopefully i am not in the wrong forum here.

    I have just been speaking to a software supplier and they have a product that can elevate the user for full admin by process name.

    So for example Application X needs full elevation as specified in the manifest internal/externally (dosn't matter). The current logged on user is non admin, the middleware software retrieves an elevated token and then passes it into the current logged on user and launches the process. (My initial thoughts this is not possible and i was in disbelief having used CreateProcess / CreateProcessWithLogonW etc).

    The third party launched a command prompt with the automatic elevation (Administrator was seen in the top left) and then i asked them to type whoami - sure enough a non admin user with an elevated command prompt in their context.

    So my next question is does anybody know how to do this in C++ or C# (Prefer C# Pinvoke).

    Many thanks


    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 3:56 PM