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  • Hi All,

    Today, Users are complaining about intermitent database connectivity issues from tomcat application server which is deployed on Linux.
    Database server is running on Windows Server 2016 DataCenter edition and Sql Server 2012 Enterprise Edition SP4.

    I checked few things from sql server side.  

    - Able to PING db server
    - Able to TELNET on 1433
    - sql server services are up and running
    - Tcp protocol is enabled
    - Its a Default instance, running on port # 1433, able to connect using ssms ,
    - Able to do .udl test from another window machine it works fine.
    - Added port 1433 as an exception in firewall on Server.

    As a whole I don't see any issue with sql server nor any errors in SQL Server ERRORLOG. Error seems to be not a SQL error but an error generated by informatica tool itself.
    However, one of the application developer is complaining that they are seeing connectivity errors from Application srv.
    They run informatica ETL tool and try to make db connection to DB Server.

    Their application log has some similar errors

    Error message from application log from app team
    Error connecting to database [
    [Informatica][ODBC 20101 driver]7505
    Database driver error...
    Function Name : Connect
    Database driver error...
    Function Name : Connect
    Database Error: Failed to connect to database using user [kevin] and connection string [crmprod].].

    Moreover, db team doesnt have any access on app server which is running on Linux.

    After doing some research found this resoure. Not sure how much it will be useful.

    How to approach or fix this issue? what additional questions can be asked to isolate that this is not a sql issue and it's an error thrown by Informatica tool?
    Other question is, how to test connectivity issues to SQL Server on Linux box?

    Appreciate your help here.


    Wednesday, October 16, 2019 10:39 AM


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