Keeping the Forum on Topic


  • Hi everyone.

    Thanks for the strong response.  I'm happy the forum has been useful to so many people thus far.


    This forum is reserved for questions about the Microsoft peer-to-peer platform.  Questions about PNRP, grouping, graphing, peerchannel, application invite, people near me, serverless presence and other technologies identified on our website ( are in scope.  If you have questions about consumer networking or network development outside of peer-to-peer, there are better places to ask.


    win32.programmer.networks is a good example.  This newsgroup is very active so you're sure to get a response quickly and the answer to your question is more likely to be found by others who won't think to look in our forum.


    In the next few days, I'll be deleting threads that are off topic to keep the forum clean and useful for peer-to-peer developers.  Thanks for understanding.


    Have fun!


    Tuesday, May 15, 2007 9:43 PM

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