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  • Hi, 

    Is is possible to automatically translate system defined words, such as words "Restart", "Shut Down", etc, to local language based on user's Windows' language setting for program? I'm currently using MFC and Visual C++. 

    Currently I'm using text file that contain different languages for translation/encoding. 



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  • Hi Jerrywu12,

    Unfortunately, I do not find any public API could change these labels in system.

    And this thread should be one User Interface development for Windows Desktop, so I will help you to move there:

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  • The quality of machine translate is usually not enough for production apps, and shipping a machine translate engine and dictionary is overkill for most of apps. Online translation  services offer more languages, but they usually have quotas as they have a history of being abused.

    I do see machine (or poorly human) translated apps a few times, but more often I see community translated apps that are doing exactly what you do now. 

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