line21 decoder usage causing a memory leak


  • I am building a simple render application which reads the data from an 
    asf file and render it with VMR-9. 

    It is being observed that the usage of Line21 decoder causes memory 
    leak of around 6MB. 

    The line 21 decoder is just connected but it is not fed any cc data 
    since my source has no cc samples. 

    After the graph build and cleanup I observe the process private bytes 
    gradually increase on each itteration. 

    If I dont add the Line21 decoder I dont see the memory leak.Also have 
    checked the code with bounds checker tool which does not show any 

    here is the line21 connection to the vmr.

      8. [Line-21 Decoder 2]/(XForm Out) -> [Video Renderer 9]/(VMR 
          Major:   MEDIATYPE_Video 
          Subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_ARGB32_D3D_DX9_RT 
              bFixedSizeSamples:    TRUE 
              bTemporalCompression: FALSE 
              lSampleSize:          1382400 
              cbFormat:             1128 
          Format:  FORMAT_VideoInfo 
              rcSource:             (0,0,720,480) 
              rcTarget:             (0,0,720,480) 
              dwBitRate:            331444224 
              dwBitErrorRate:       0 
              AvgTimePerFrame:      333667 
              biSize:               40 
              biWidth:              720 
              biHeight:             -480 
              biPlanes:             1 
              biBitCount:           32 
              biCompression:        0x00000003 
              biSizeImage:          1382400 
              biXPelsPerMeter:      0 
              biYPelsPerMeter:      0 
              biClrUsed:            0 
              biClrImportant:       0 

    Any idea  what could be going wrong.

    Montag, 5. März 2012 03:46