How to calc average Cpu utilization by process's "%processor time" counter with CPU affinity


  • Hi All,

    Now i'm working on a windows project and encountered below problem.


    System are with 32 Cpus. And for my process "aaa",  i made Cpu affinty on it with CPU0,1.

    Then running some script stress on process "aaa".

    I record the counter data for process "aaa"'s "%processor time" for about 1 min by every 30/sec

    %processor time



    Then i calculate the average Cpu utilization for process "aaa" as (190+199)/2 /2 = 97.25

    So i thought the average Cpu utilization for Cpu0 and Cpu1 is about 97.25% (For process "aaa" there was only 2 Cpu System)

    But some person in my team said my calculation is wrong and should be (190+199)/2 / 32 = 6.0

    6.0 is the total Cpu utilization of process "aaa"

    So here is the problem which one is correct?

    Thanks for helping on this!

    Best Regards

    Martin Liao

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  • This is not an easy value to get out of perfmon.  This is the way it has been explained to me.

    Assume 1 CPU here.

    First you need to know Processor\% User Time\_total value.

    Then you need to know your Process\% Processor time\(your application).

    The amount of CPU you are using is (Processor\% User Time\_total)*(Process\% Processor time\(your application))

    For example Processor\% User Time\_total averaged 25%

    Process\% Processor time\(your application) = 50%

    Your application is using 25%*50% or 12.5% of your CPU

    Now lets add 4 process

    The max value for (Process\% Processor time\(your application)  is 400% (100% * number of processor)

    So this would be the equation for multi processor box.

    (Processor\% User Time\_total)*((Process\% Processor time\(your application)/Number of CPU))

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  • Hello Bruce,

    I had an little problem with "Process -- "% Processor Time" Its like hitting the value of 799" and the device is having 8 CPU's which are showing as normal in graphs and CPU utilization in the device is normal as well.

    I did not get any information in the  resource monitor as well and they too event values are normal. I event installed  process explorer tool to analyse which process is causing the "%processor Time" high.

    Give me a possible solution for this i was remote NOC support guy to one of the  client and this issue is related to client server.

    Hoping from you a good reply

    Freitag, 12. Mai 2017 23:55