Interlaced flag setting about video recorded by webcam


  • Now I suffer a problem with video recorded by webcam(Both Logitech QuickCam Pro for NoteBooks and V-Gear TalkCam TX6 VGA WebCam have this situation). The media type of stream is MFVideoInterlace_Progressive, but the interlaced flag is TRUE. From this article, it says that if my media type of that stream is MFVideoInterlace_Progressive, my interlaced flag is optinal. If this attribute is set, then it should be FALSE. It obviously go against with this rule. Form the article, it says that the "For example, if the media type is MFVideoInterlace_Progressive, it implies that all frames in the stream are progressive. Therefore, you can either set the MFSampleExtension_Interlaced attribute to FALSE, or leave the attribute unset." Does it mean that I will get this error code MF_E_ATTRIBUTENOTFOUND from function IMFAttributes::GetUINT32 to specify that this attribute is unset ?? 

    Based on those reasons above. I have some problems.

    1. Does that video stream is legal??

    2. If that is legal , how can I handle that media type and interlaced flag?? Does it mean that if the media type is MFVideoInterlace_Progressive, I can ignore the setting of interlaced flag and treat the video stream as progressive??

    2012年3月26日 2:40