Stereoscopic 3D sample not working on Stereo 3D hardware


  • I am wondering if anyone has got the stereoscopic 3d sample app working in stereo 3d mode. When I run the app on our system with 3D hardware (all nvidia 3d vision approved) it won't go into Stereoscopic 3D mode. DirectX returns false when asked if Stereo 3D is supported (IsWindowedStereoEnabled returns false).


    2012년 2월 21일 화요일 오전 8:30

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  • Hi Maurice,

    It works in general. Do other 3D apps work for you? If IsWindowedStereoEnabled returns false then it sounds like the system isn't fully set up for 3D.


    2012년 2월 22일 수요일 오후 4:48
  • Hi Rob,

    It's complicated :)

    Using the latest nVidia drivers and Vision software most Vision demos work, but only in full screen. However I learned that for DirectX to support Stereo 3D you need the WDDM 1.2 driver. When using those all nVidia apps stop working correctly. E.g. the nVidia control panel doesn't even startup. The odd thing now is that using the 1.2 driver IsWindowStereoEnabled does return true, but the hardware doesn't pick it up. Also when running the Unigine benchmark ( it abort with an error saying that the driver can't set the 3d mode in hardware.


    2012년 2월 22일 수요일 오후 7:41
  • The Unigine Benchmark is not using DirectX 11.1 (yet). It's using the DirectX 11.0 API and then using some NVIDIA-speciifc API to enable stereo which is likely not supported by the WDDM 1.2 driver.

    Try building and running this sample app on a system with a WDDM 1.2 driver

    2012년 2월 24일 금요일 오전 2:06
  • I see. The Unigine is then not a good test for now :)

    However, that sample you are talking is the sample I mean in both my posts. 

    2012년 2월 24일 금요일 오전 11:40
  • Hi Maurice,

    I installed yesterdays NVidia W8 driver update (notebook version) from the NVidia site and the stereoscopic 3D sample app now works with NVidia 3D vision (previous update gave IsWindowedStereoEnabled false as you mentioned).  Not 100% this driver, I've lost video out entirely on one or two occasions. Also their 3D Vision Photo Viewer desktop app doesn't show stereo 3D in windowed mode, only full screen. Still, a step forward.


    2012년 3월 15일 목요일 오전 1:16
  • Bumping the thread.

    On the Win8 x64 Consumer Preview with WDDM 1.2 driver & Nvidia 3D Vision, I am seeing two bad behaviors with the Stereoscopic 3D Sample app.

    Note that I have confirmed Stereoscopic 3D with the manufacturer-provided "GeForce 3D Vision Experience" video and slideshow.

    1)  The app will not render frames unless it is out of focus.  This is achieved by putting the mouse cursor into the extreme of any corner to invoke either a task-switch preview (of the desktop or Charm bar).

    2) While the app is out of focus and rendering frames, there is no 3D involved in the sample.

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 570
    Driver Version:
    Driver Model:  WDDM 1.2

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