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XNA support?


  • The "Developing games" section ( does not appear to mention XNA at all, only DirectX with C++ or XAML with any supported language.  Am I correct in assuming that XNA is not supported in Windows 8, except under the Win32 desktop compatibility stack?
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  • I would really like to know this as well considering one of the demo's showed converting from SL2 to Metro.

    Are we able to target our WP7 & XNA apps to Windows 8? Ok, answered this one myself:

    Is your app a game that relies on Microsoft XNA components for graphics rendering? If so, you cannot use XNA with a Windows Developer Preview application. You also cannot effectively used DirectX with managed code; you must develop the DirectX game with C++.

    I suppose we have to await the xbox live session to see what information is forthcoming about xna and windows 8.

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  • Correct.  You can find several C++ Direct3D Metro style app samples by searching on Direct3D here:

    Greg Binkerd
    Microsoft Developer Support


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