MSVC Package Server blocking the system


  • Suddenly, after opening my solution, the Visual Studio background process "Microsoft (R) Visual C++ Package Server" starts consuming all available resources, especially memory, leading to swapping and effectively grounding the system to a halt.

    When killing the process, it immediately starts up again which allowed me to take this screenshot after it allocated nearly 3 GB of memory in about 2 seconds:

    I tried deleting the .sdf, .suo and other generated files from the directory of the solution but that didn't help.

    Any tips?

    Best regards


    Edit: the problem appears with both Ultimate and Express editions of MSVC

    Edit: I seem to have found a possible source for this problem.

    Putting the following code from outside inside a class, it will cause the above symptoms:

        static std::map<int, Platform::String^> documentCategories = []() {
            std::map<int, Platform::String^> result;
            result[0] = "unknown";
            result[1] = "receipt";
            result[2] = "invoice";
            result[3] = "contract";
            result[4] = "manual";
            result[5] = "shipping";
            return result;

    • Editado Marcus Ilgner martes, 17 de abril de 2012 16:53 added possible reason for crash
    martes, 17 de abril de 2012 14:11

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